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Focus MK3 FL 1.5 Zetec S - 92mpg avg..


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So ive found a slight bug with my Focus  done 8500 miles now and the MPG is just not right. When you reset it it sticks around the 35Mpg mark for a while but then just slowly increases. 

this morning its registering at 92mpg average.. no I know im not doing that... 

but then related Ive never been able to fill the tank up ( ie max fuel in so far is 47 liters from 0 miles left.., ) yet will say empty on about 360 - 380 miles. 

So Parkers says tank is 55L - i assume 5 for the reserve yes? 

Any ideas on the MPG? 

not setup any my key stuff.. 

all thoughts welcome before i take it to the dealer ?

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actually a full tank I about 400 miles max same size of tank as the mk2 so that's right you're mpg clearly isn't maybe just a software bug needing an update reserve is 50miles not sure on the size but 5 litres sounds about right

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