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GPS base upgrade.


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Hi, not too sure on the title but i'll explain it.


The thread inside the GPS base is a little worse for were and the aerial is being held in by some silicone (I went for clear for a better touch haha) So far it's held in for over 4 months but eventually this is going to give up and fall off in the wind/while driving. I understand that ford don't make the GPS base anymore so I can't get a replacement but you can get a replacement product? (Think that's the word i'm looking for) The aerial and base is replaced for a normal style and a GPS module is fitted to the windscreen.


On that note, is the GPS base on the 'screen just like a blob? Or has it go an aerial on the outside of the screen making it look ugly? One more question; will there be a visible colour difference (Due to the sun) between the old GPS base and the standard aerial base that would be fitted?


Thanks, Brad.

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when i retrofitted sat nav on my car, the gps aerial i bought was fitted  behind radio in dash,(nowhere near the screen) so nothing to see and works fine picking up plenty of sattelites

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