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Leaking Door


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Hi.  I have got water coming in from the (front) passenger door panel (see attached photo).

Anyone seen this before?  Would I be right guessing that the water is coming in via the door window seal?  And for some reason not running out the drain holes?  The drain holes at the bottom of the door are clear.

If I were to attempt to take the door card off, how much work is it?  How much work is needed once the card is off?  What am I likely to need part-wise?

Or anyone got any idea how much would a dealer charge me?




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Hi Craig

First Port Of Call For Me Would Be To Check The Drain Holes At The Bottom Of The Door.

Water Is Obviously Pouring In From The Holes In The Door Where The Door Card Clips In.

Does The Door Slosh When You Move It Around.


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Thanks Jamie.  I did check them, I think there was three holes, I poked the key in there and gave it a wiggle but there was no sign of anything blocking them.  I will check them again tomorrow when I see if the door is sloshy (great description)!  Cheers.

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behind the card is the metal plate covering the door with a seal and the speaker to get in via the speaker it would have to be pretty full up so it may be that you're seal on the interior skin has gone or you're door seals shot and the water is running down the inside of the plastic panel

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Just been out to check the holes again.  Yes they are definitely clear.

Then i went to wipe the wet away from the bottom of the door and noticed it felt funny.  Oily.  :huh:

It took a few moments but I then remembered the door locks were stiff the other day so I squeezed a good measure of oil on to them.  I guess somehow all the excess went into the door and has eventually come out of the door.  Yuck!  :wacko:

Wiped it all down, but will check again in few days time.  I suppose at least there is no cost to repair!  :smile:

Apologies for wasting anyone's time!  :blush:

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No, not WD40 - my dad said that would dry up quickly and be a short term fix.

I'm not sure of the term for the oil I used, it comes in a metal tin, with a plastic tall spout, looks a bit like this:


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