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clean engine bay

joe bloggs

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what is the best way to keep the engine bay in  showroom condition?

when i bought my car the engine bay was almost like new, but in a couple of months its got dusty ect, i dont want to jet wash it because it will probably cause serious damage

many thanks in advance

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Hi, if yours is a Diesel you don't need to worry too much, however if it's petrol then when you jet wash don't go mad at any of the electrical items. I use traffic film remover that's safe to use on paint work and then spray it all over the engine and bay wait 10 minuets, then work it in with a brush and then rinse. After I've done that I wipe the worst off and then spray the whole bay with WD40 (especially the electrical items) then start the car to get it warmed up. I've never had an issue with it not starting. If you did that on older cars you would have had to remove the distributor cap and dry it out, but modern cars don't have that much of an issue.



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Bag any electrical connections/intakes

Spray with all purpose cleaner, agitate, rinse with low pressure making sure not to concentrate on one area.

Then spray with Degreaser, agitate, rinse again.

Dry it off, and dress with a silicone free Trim dressing.

Silicone dressings will encourage dust to stick. And they generally leave a rubbish finish too...

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