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MK2 Focus Power Steering Failure


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Hi folks. It's me again. New problem on my car. This time, it's with my power steering. 

It started with a harmless prompt on my dash. Says "Power Steering Failure". Steering was still light and power assisted though, and the prompt disappears after a while. Recently though, it started acting up more. The prompt appeared more often, and I noticed that when I jerk the wheel around while stationary with the lights on, my lights dim slightly. 

The concerning part just happened a few days ago. When I was driving out of my parking spot, my aircon, lights and radio cut out and the prompt on my dash appeared. The accessories turned back on after a few seconds. 

I had my battery checked, it's still fairly good and my alternator charges well. My fluid reservoir behind the headlight is still full, btw and the power steering works well feel-wise. Anyone know where to start diagnosis? 

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