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Focus MK3 Titanium Door Rubber


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Hi All,


Has anyone had any issues with the rubber around the doors on their Focus?

Attached is a photo of mine, which shows it hanging off and sticks out everytime the door is opened.


I've got it sorted (they stuck it back with something...glue? resin??) twice now. they dont seem to have a permanent solution for this. any suggestions??



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Mine did this as well. I got some clear silicone from Halfords gave each one a good amount, cleaned the door as best I could and they've been stuck on best part of a year now with no further problems. 

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I had the same problem a year ago with my 2011 Titanium. All four doors needed doing at points where there was a tight curve and where they joined. I used a black sealant from a company called Permatex. I'll go out to the garage if needed to get the full name. I did a bit of homework with this to find the best sealant and one that was a 'do once and forget'. As long as you clean the area and follow the instructions word for word, it will stick like poo to a bears bum! 

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My local dealer has always sorted this for nothing for us, as Ford don't cover it under warranty (or at least not after 12months).

It just sticks on, they need to make sure it is nice and clean for a good re-stick though.

And be careful opening doors when it is at or below 0, that make the seals stick and more likely to come off.

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