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1.6 tivct engine issues.


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first post, after a bit of help!

2011 fiesta S1600 with a 1.6 tivct (sigma).

On cold cold starts, the engine has been starting really rough. it splutters and judders and jumps about when you first start it. after about 10 seconds it all goes normal!

Ive also noticed today, that when idleing its a bit erratic with the revs.. it wobbles up and down about 200/250 rpm, and every now splutters a bit, then revs up to counteract.

when i had the fiesta MOT'd last year, it failed on a low Lambda reading (running lean?) Went for a retest, and managed to get the readings in spec... just...

So.. MOT time has come round again, and im starting to wonder what would cause this... assumedly, a faulty lambda sensor, but ive been told its not necesarily...

Naturally, I want to try and get it fixed... but... theres 2 lambdas that i can see, pre and post cat... without chucking £150 of lambdas at the car, is there a way to check them?

BUT! i cant really see that a lambda would be causing the poor cold starts... as they wont be acting on the ECU at that point.

I have checked for cracked breather pipes around the manifold, but cant see anything. it had new plugs last year (had the cold start problem before the new plugs)

I know its a bit of a long shot, but has anyone else had anything similar and fixed it?

Thanks for any help!!


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Have you had a PCM update yet?

My MK3 Focus was doing the same sorta thing. I booked into my local ford and they updated the PCM which made a big difference to overall performance of the car. It's not perfect but it's a hell of a lot better. My revs at idle tend to still bounce slightly but it's not constant.

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