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Ford Focus TDCI 08 intermittent juddering


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Good evening everyone,

First time posting here, really in need of some advice if anyone can offer some please

First off the issue has only happened 3 times so far in the space of around a week after owning the car for 10 months and all 3 times this has occured on longer drives so I was in 5th gear when it has happened. The car has approx 58k mileage and is diesel.

Now to do my best to explain it! On all of the occassions it has happened I have been in 5th gear doing around 50mph on a dual carriage way in a slowdown for traffic after it's cleared I've tried to accelarate back upto 70mph and the car has a lack of power and the revs are not increasing as they should also I can feel the car pulling and then dropping back constantly like it's juddering? not aggressively but enough that you can feel something is not quite right. After a couple of minutes it seems to clear itself and everything is back to normal.

Any ideas of what this might be and my options? someone said it was due to me accelerating too quickly and flooding the engine? is it just my driving habits that is causing this? and if so how come I have only experienced this 3 times in 10 months all within the space of a week give or take?

Thanks for any advice in advance!

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hi Dale , I have a 1.8 tdci 2009 and I had something of the same problem happening to mine .  I was told that the egr valve was sticking and to just block it off . So I blanked off the egr valve with a blanking plate and it has not happened since ,,,happy days , it would be something you might consider .

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On 05/03/2016 at 6:34 PM, jamjar89 said:

someone said it was due to me accelerating too quickly and flooding the engine

That "someone" must be a very old person (like me :laugh:). The days when you could do that are long gone. This could only happen on petrol engines fitted with fixed jet carburetters with accelerator pumps. Every time the accelerator pedal was pressed a measured amount of fuel was squirted straight into the manifold. If you kept doing it you'd end up with a very rich mixture and plugs wet with petrol.

It could never happen with a diesel engine anyway.

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