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Ford Focus Cutting Out/Won't Start


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Hi, I have no idea where else to go, so I thought I would try here. I bought a Ford Focus LX 1.6 TCDI in October 2015 and have since had nothing but problems with the car. I paid £1600 for the car and have already paid around £1000 in repiars on it. The most recent being a reconditioned engine, 3 new turbos and a new DPF. 

I've had the car back 2 weeks now and it has now decided it doesn't want to work again. I was driving around 40MPH and a cloud of white smoke came out of the exhaust and the car cut out and slowly rolled to a stop. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't start, I left it a couple of minutes and it started again and felt fine. I drove around 6 miles to a petrol station and it drove fine (Wasn't in limp mode, turbo was working, no reduced power or cutting out). I got to the petrol station and put £10 of Diesel in and set off to drive home 2-3 miles away, and it drove about 1 mile and cut out agin, same thing with the white smoke and rolled to a stop. Again I left it for a couple of minutes and tried to start it again... It started and I managed to get it home. Once I got home, I checked to see if the car had entered limp mode by taking it to 3000RPM, and when I revved the engine, alot of black smoke came out of the exhause along with some thickish black crap that still sits on the carpark today (3 days later).

I thought that the exhause may have just been blocked up causing it to cut out, so I revved the engine some more until the black crap stopped coming out. I then attempted to take it for a drive around the block to see if it cut out again and barely made it 100 yards before it cut out. At that point I gave up for the night and called the garage who fitted the engine, turbo and DPF the next morning... They told me to bring it in 3 weeks later as they are going on holiday.  So I started the car again and it seemd fine, I drove up and down the road with no problems for around 2 minutes, but then it cut out again.. This time I couldn't get it started. I left it for around 6 hours and it still wouldn't start so I had my dad tow me back into my carpark.

If someone could give me some advice on what I could check or do to it to get it running again, I would really appreciate it as I can't afford to take it to another garage to get it looked at right now. 

Thanks in advance,


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My dad has a cheap ODB2 that connects to a mobile and he has run that on it, and it comes up with alot of codes regarding fuel... I don't have the codes with me but I could probably get them

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Hi, has the car been serviced?

Fuel filter blockage maybe? Cheap enough to try if you're not sure.

Likewise the Air filter.

Do you do a lot of short journeys? If so the DPF (if fitted) may be blocked.

The ECU codes will guide you.

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Hi guys, I have gotten the codes from my dad.

P0299, P2458, P0087, P1180, P0222, P1936, P1935

The car doesnt have a service history and I havent had it serviced since I bought it in October. My friend has told me to try cleaning the Fuel Injectors, so I will try that tomorrow as well checking the fuel filter and air filter. 

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Some friend, how the hell are you going to clean the injectors? 3 turbos that can't be right. So 1.6 known for fuel pumps, but may well be injectors.

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