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Only one power folding Mirror


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I have just baught a second hand 2012 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci titanium and it only has one power folding mirror which is the drivers side.

At first I thought it was just either a fuse had gone or a faulty moter but on expection, I've discovered that the passanger side mirror is not power folding. 

My first question is;

Is it normal for a car to have one power folding mirror?

my second question is; 

Can I just replace it with a power folding mirror and because I've already got the button and one folding mirror, will the passanger side just work as well?



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Both mirrors should be power folding if the car has power folding mirrors. If one of the mirrors does not fold the folding motor/mechanism is most likely defective. The motor/mechanism is not available as a seperate part so the complete mirror base needs to be replaced.

The power folding mirrors are controlled by the door modules. It is possible that the car had accident damage in the past and the complete door including the side mirror has been changed. In this case the side mirror needs to be changed for a power folding mirror and the door module needs to be changed for a module that supports power folding.


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Thanks for the reply. 

The passanger side mirror is definitely different to the drivers side as the passanger side doesn't have a puddle light. 

It did come to mind straight away that when the previous owner had the car, the mirror had been damaged and they just had it replaced with a standard one. I suppose if you're not bothered about having a powered side mirror, you would go for the cheapest option.

The door module has a button which folds the drivers side, so I would assume if I replaced the passanger side mirror with a power folding one, it should just work.

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The control panel in the driver door is connected by a LINbus network to the driver door module. The driver door module communicates with the passenger door module by the CANbus network. The door modules control all functions of the doors (windows, mirrors, puddle lights, etc.).

If the complete door has been changed it will have an incorrect type of door module also. Only the highest spec door modules support the puddle light ans power fold functions. If only the side mirror has been changed changing the side mirror should be enough to make it work.


Note that the incorrect type of mirror (and possibly an incorrect type of door module also) will generate a lot of DTC codes in the different CANbus modules. It is recommended to erase these codes using a suitable diagnostic system.



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