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RS /ST rear Led Lights

Focus Ghia

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Can Anyone Help or Advise Please?

I Have purchased a Pair of Rear Rs /St  LED Lights 

Wired them up as guides on for my Mk2 here but

The Led tail lights go out when either the indicator or Brake Lights are put on 

Is that normal? 

or have i got the wiring wrong?

and also some of the guides ive read the pdf file links are not working 

is that me?



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most of them wont work, when they updated the website it broke all the old attachments unless they were stored on other servers.


ITs a little annoying, but you could ask on the relevant thread for the owner to republish them

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Its maybe a bad earth return. Run a jump wire on the return side to a good body part to check it out. If that works clean up the earth wire joints.

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I installed these on my MK2 at the time. Have a look through my old build thread, I posted a couple of pics of the wiring. Just in case you missed something :)

Here: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/59644-Kpg%27s-Focus-Mk2-Titanium

Sent from the pub with a pint in the other hand.

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