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New to the forum, after general advice.


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Hi guys, new to the forum and I'm just after a bit of advice for my car.

I've got a Mk1 2001 Y Reg 1.8 Focus Saloon LX and in after putting a couple of bits onto it that it didn't come with.


It only has 70k miles on it as it was owned by a family friend who only really used it to go to golf, but maintained it very well. 


The info im after is:

-Is it possible to fit mud flaps to this model ? After looking at guides and videos online they all mention crew holes in the wheel arch for attaching them, however my car doesn't have these on the front.

- does anyone know where to get some mk1 rubber floor mats that don't have the holes for clipping to the floor, as my car doesn't have the clips, or holes to attach the clips. Would a breakers be my best bet ? Otherwise it'll just get later ones.

- I've recently replaced the cabin filter, but the filter I bought didn't come with a butyl strip which I read needs putting on to stop it leaking. Should I get one of these, or is there a better way of sealing the cover to the windscreen ? 

All advice is greatly appreciated and hopefully I haven't asked any too obvious questions.







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Hi Matt, welcome to the Forum.

I fitted genuine Ford mudflaps to our Mk1.5 and I'd imagine they'd be the same on yours. The front ones fit with steel 'U' clips to hold them to the edge of the wheel arch with a single screw into the underside of the sill. The flaps have rubber tabs that the clips fit around to protect the paint. The rears are similar, I can't remember exactly but they do use the same system.

The genuine floor mats for that model I believe came with plastic fittings consisting of turnbuckles that simply screwed into the carpet on the drivers side. Ours had aready had them fitted. You really need them to prevent the mats riding up under the pedals which could be potentially dangerous.

I'm afraid I can't help with the cabin filter so hopefully someone else will.

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That's great thanks, I thought they must just clip on but was co fused because all the videos I'd seen showed the screws already being in the wheel arch. So I'll give that a try.


Currently I just have the mats the car came with with are kind of stuck down, so do the mk1/1.5 mats come with the screws to hold them down to the carpet then ? Like these ? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/400345509360?_mwBanner=1

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Yes, those are the screws. The illustration doesn't show it too well but the top part (bottom in the picture) is lozenge-shaped and incorporates a turnbuckle that rotates through 90 degrees to hold the carpet. You only need two of them, they're not really necessary on the passenger side, and I'm pretty sure that if you buy a set of genuine mats (if it's still possible to get them) they would be included.

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