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Ford mondeo TD - Cambelt / Timing... Advice


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Hi guys.

My nan has just snapped the Cambelt on her 1997 Ford Mondeo 1.8TD.

She thinks she's managed to save it, which i know a lot of people have managed to on this engine.

Basically, all i want to do, is set the timing and stick another belt on her to test...

Whats the best way?

is there a straight forward way / Guide to follow, is it a total !Removed! to do, and how do i set the timing, and same for this, is it a simple enough task for someone who has a good idea of their way around an engine?


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i would not just stick another belt on and hope for the best without checking for damage first as more damage could be done, to time correctley timing tools will be needed, see if you local libary has a haynes that you could borrow.

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its an intererance engine so i would bet money you will have bent valves. you may get a set of tools from a local motor factors or even eBay but i agree you should maybe have a read through the haynes manual for this car and see if it looks difficult.

what makes her think she has managed to save it? how fast was she travelling etc?

sorry for sounding harsh and p1ssing on your fire but thats the joys of the motor world

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No its ok, I appreciate that to be honest, Valves could be Bent.

They have guides over there, But its 30 miles and so i'm going with a new Belt tomorrow.

Will turn over by hand I suppose once the timing is set as well as can be...

I don't really want to take the Head off, as i can imagine it to be a Big Job - Obviously sticking a belt on and turning over should tell me?

How can i actually tell whether Valves are bent etc?

Is a Diesel Compression test the best way?

Any more advice Guys?

Oh yeah - She wasn't moving fast, and turned it off pretty much straight away - I've known a couple of these be saved easily enough like this... Same engines..

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