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Blanked egr problem


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I have blanked my 1.6 tdci EGR valve.

The problem is that when I rev to 3000 under load it goes into limp mode.

This was the exact problem as before blanking.

Any suggestions, I have been told I just need to clear the fault?

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I have just changed the fuel filter but now cannot get it to start. Have primed filter but will not start. What do I need to do ?

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you need to prime it more.... changing fuel filter is a difficult task unfortunately. I would suggest you need to fill the filter to brim, then keep pumping it through.


As for the error, I dont believe that will be EGR related...

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Turns out it was the filter that was causing limp mode. I noticed that the colder the weather more unresponsive the car. You were right about filter needs a lot of priming and a good charge in your battery.

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