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Another Astra...


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Shame I don't have a rear facing camera, this 'twerp' was tailgating for a good 10 minutes...while I was following traffic!!  What was he hoping to achieve?  Get one car ahead and keep tailgating each one all the way down!?  Funny enough I wanted to do more than 65mph as well but traffic dictates otherwise...

I indicate and move into a one car sized gap to pull off DC, follow the lorry off and the Astra appears in my drivers window...how he got there I don't know, cut up the following lorry presumably.  I'm turning right so stay in the right lane...don't try playing chicken with me, you'll lose lol.  Then he starts gesturing in the mirror as if I'm in the wrong...  Obviously not happy waiting in line, takes the left lane with the huge left only arrows...  Stops over the giveway line...  Then as the lorry moves off he cut's over the hatchings (with a cloud of dust) and cuts up that lorry...

I'm certainly not a perfect driver but honestly, how can you make so many fails in such a short space of time!?

Expect strong language lol



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