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Need help with drivers seat locking problem

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I've got a problem with the drivers seat in my 2005 Ford Fiesta MK6 (3 door).

The locking mechanism has broken, jammed or something similar, and the right latch doesn't lock into place, it's stuck above the bar. The makes the seat rest at an odd angle which is starting to give me a bad back. I bought the car about a month ago and have only just looked into what the problem is.

I've attached some photos, 1 shows the sheered off latch, 2 how it rests above the locking bar and 3 is the passenger side for comparison of what it should look like!

I've looked into replacement seats, but if there's a cheaper option or easy fix I'd be glad to hear it! I don't mind 'losing' the ability to pull the seat forward and back as I rarely have passengers and they can always get it through the passenger side, getting the latch in place so driving is more comfortable is the priority.

Thanks for any help.




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On 25 March 2016 at 3:47 PM, 90Ninety said:

When did this happen ? How long has it been jammed ? 

I'm not sure when it happened. I bought the car just over a month ago, and recently started to realise the seat was leaning slightly so took a look, that's when I noticed it was jammed above the locking bar.

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