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Shock absorbers MOT advisory.


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Hey all,

Im driving a 2013 ford fiesta and its just had it first MOT today. No surprise it passed, however, it has come back with three advisories as follows:

1. Shock absorber has a light misting of oil (nearside front)

2. Same as above but offside front

3. Same as above but offside rear.

The mechanic said he was surprised about the issues for a relatively new car and to check with my dealer as to whether or not i was still covered by my warrenty.

Called my local dealer and just so happens I'm covered under manufacture warranty until the end of this month, happy days....BUT then he informed me my shocks are not covered under it???

Is this right?

With regards to this aswell, i have noticed that when going over speed bumps, there is a very noticeable creaking from the front as i go up on the speed bump and then again when down, i kinda shrug it off as maybe being a bit of body work rubbing together (as i had the front bumper replaced) but now I'm concerned that maybe its related to the shocks??

Any help on either of these issues, especially the warranty part would be great as if it turns out they are covered i will get it sorted immediately.

Cheers guys.


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 Shocks will probably come under the fair 'wear & tear' heading and you might have to pay for them yourself. 

I watch people daily by me rattle across speed humps saying "that's why you have suspension" but personally I crawl across them around 10-15 mph as they're quite high by me and I'd rather go slow than end up paying for premature wear on suspension parts. (And I'm not saying this is why yours are leaking)

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