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Fluctuating Idle Rev 1200~1400

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On a cold start the Ford Fusion 2004 seems to have quite a peak  high Idle  ( OBD2 tool shows 1400RPM, eye's read 1200 on dash   ) , not only this but it is a rather intermittent/ uneven / pulsating idle . it idles from cold  approximately  (low at  1.2 ~ peak at  1.4K RPM ) . The  fluctuating Idling seems to have a rhythm of around a peak rev every 1~ 2 seconds. . 

However after a warm up the revs do slightly settle slightly lower yet  the bobbing rev rhythm is still there just less so but, the interesting part is if I put a load on the engine ( Turn on AC , window heaters and lights ) the Revs go down to 700 and the pulsating revs seems to almost disappear ( even when cold ) .

I know that this is an electronic throttle body , so I guess this is typical of an electronic throttle being slightly glitchy . I just wondered if this is a sign of something to come or keep an eye on ? It is a new purchase , the car has done just 55 K miles 

Any feedback , suggestions , experience or comments on this matter  ? 



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Also am getting the occasional EAC failure about once a week ,  done it twice in 5 minutes yesterday - Usually happens when cold . I expect this is a glitch with the electronic throttle - Where can I find the electronic throttle components ? I want to inspect it,  clean the contacts and re-seat connections 

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I think (from looking at pictures on google) it could be on the front left hand side of the engine.

Clean the throttle body/butterfly flap gently and lubricate the butterfly flap shaft lightly.

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