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Turbo Cutting Out

Don Bossa

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I have an 06 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi and having trouble with the turbo. The car starts and runs as normal although randomly the turbo cuts out, usually when I'm accelerating a little bit harder than normal. The engine warning light comes on when the turbo comes out and I loose a significant amount of power.
When I turn the engine off and back on, the warning light turns off and the turbo starts working again. 

I took it back to the garage I bought it from and they said they had replaced the turbo. What should I do? What could be causing the issue?


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Sounds like it's going into limp mode caused by a over boost fault, if it's a variable vane turbo there's a good chance the garage fitted a new chra instead of a complete factory set turbo, it's perfectly normal to fit this as its a replacement core complete with bearing and shaft and impellers balanced ready to be installed into the old casings, the problem arises that on variable vane turbos fitted with a chra they need adjusted and setup to boost correctly at the correct revs over wise it can over spin at lower revs causing over boost or cause turbo lag, someone else might be able to advise you which type of turbo your car has as my 1.4 tdci is different

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