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So I eagerly connected my phone to the Ford Sync system when I got my Ford Fiesta Eco-Boost last January..

Connected swimmingly - absolutely flawless performance for both audio and media from then until about two days ago when it booted my phone off as a paired 'pal'

Tried to reconnect 2,346 times since then but failing every time.. :(

I get the 'waiting for phone conformation' message before an agonising wait to then get a 'pairing failed' message even though i have accepted the pin code it sends over on both my phone and the car.. That actually only goes to further confuse me, because I do get the pin code that the Sync system sends over to my phone.. So they must 'see' each other..?

I've done at least 3 Master Resets on Sync, I've turned my phone off / on and I've done an unpaired / attempted repair more times that I can remember but nothing..!?

Can a Ford Brother (or sister) help me out.. I live for the ability to voice command my car to call my local Chinese on a Friday.. And sadly that privilege has been taken from me.. :-/

Cheers in advance


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