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Zetec s Valance

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I am looking at fitting a milltek exhaust system on my fiesta Titanium but I will need a zetec s rear valance to do so. I was wondering can you fit a rear valance straight onto the titanium rear bumper or will I have to buy the full Zetec S rear bumper?

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I have done this in my build project. I think you need to just have the spat attatchments (the side attatchments under the fog lights that extend down) in order to fit the     diffuser. I personally couldnt find spats cheap enough so I managed to find a rear bumper from a black edition which had the spats already, and the bumper and spats were in my colour too for £65. I then fitted that bumper and then attatched the zetec S facelift diffuser to it! It makes a big difference to the sportiness of the back end, been one of my favourite mods so far

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As Iam2deck says, The bumper extensions are around £90 a pair. plus painting and fitting if you cannot do it your self. If you can find an undamaged rear bumper cheaper that that, then thats the way to go.

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