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Focus 1.6tdci wont rev !!! Please help

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Hi All,

I bought my focus about 8m ago and have had nothing but niggle after niggle.


Last Friday I was driving and all was well.... I stopped to look at a car and in the 30mins I was talking to the owner and looking round I had decided it wasn't for me. I jumped back into the Focus and turned around in this drive. As I went to pull out onto the road the car wouldn't pull past 2k and was jumpy has hell upto its not rev limit. The dash displayed - Engine Malfunction, service Now - and the Hill start assist was deactivated.

I managed to limp it home and left it over night.

Next day the same issue so I limped it work and got one of the guys to plug it in to there Snap on unit and it showed injector 2 and o2 sensor faults.

New injector fitted and off to ford to be programed and the issue is still there.

The guys where I work aren't clued up on Fords as we specialise in Astons and Lotus so diesel is a dirty word to them.

Ford want ££££££ just to diagnose the issue and im skint

Anyone help ?


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So the guys have noticed a few nibbles on the foam under the engine cover and think I might of had a mouse in there... so could of wasted ££££ on a new injector !!!

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Surprised Ford wouldnt look at it for free. Down here they will look at ANY fault for free, even make you a tea and give you the wifi password while you wait!

I only went in to get a tyre changed and they gave me a years free breakdown cover with the AA! Money well spent. But equally I have heard some complete horror stories from other Ford dealerships. If i was you i would ring around cause alot of places will check your car for free.

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