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Escort MK4 Estate Combi Sound System


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Hi All,

I have bought a new head unit, some 4" Speakers and will shortly have a powered sub and some 6x9s gifted to me.

I fitted the 4" last night in the footwell. When i did I checked the wiring and realised that both of the Speakers run into one set of spade connectors which are currently connected to the left front output from the amp. Is this normal. Is it easy enough to seperate and run individually to L and R? Is it easy to get the front assembly off (to get to the wires)? I see somethign like 8 fixing points but wonder whether I might also need to remove the steering wheel and maybe other parts to get at it properly

The 4" speakers sound ok but not amazing. They're mounted in a metal box in the footwell. Can I do anything to improve it? Should I be filling the back with some dampening material?

What would you do with the 6x9s? theres no parcel shelf. Not even sure if they ever had them

How do I power the sub. do I need to add in a new fuse in the fuse box in the engine bay? Or could I maybe get away with using the rear washer pump power line (it doesn't work).

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Hi Al. Just read your post. The wiring you mentioned is wrong and tells me the amp has a problem with the right channel. So you've got a new head unit and a separate amp?

The 4's in a metal box? Wow. Not heard of that one for over twenty years. If metal was your only option then get some sound deadening sheets and totally cover the metal. Two coats would be best.

As for your 6x9's. I've forgotten the layout of the escorts estate but I'd make a wooden box for each and put them under the front seats. Make as big a box as you can and use acoustic wadding inside the boxes (you can use the same in the metal boxes you have already )

As for the sub. It depends on the power rating of the amp in it. I its a 100w amp the a 10 amp fuse should be ok but I suspect it'll be more so you'll have to run a power cable (make sure it's up to the job ) from the battery to a 40 or 50 amp fuse (as close to the battery as possible ) then from the fuse to the amp of the sub.

Hope this help. Let us know how you get on.

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