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Stereo Keeps Pausing / Interrupting DAB Radio & Streaming Music, for 1 Sec, Every 30 Secs or So


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Hi All,
Just over a week ago, I purchased a 2013 Grand C-Max Titanium X, having upgraded from a 2003 Ford Focus.
It's a pleasure to drive, and all the mod cons, are a welcome addition too.  The only niggling frustration I have, is the fact that my Sony stereo (the factory-fitted one), seems to be randomly pausing for a period of approx. a second, every 30 seconds or so (sometimes even more frequently than that).  The music then picks up from 1 second further into the track, and plays again.
Regardless of whether I have the DAB radio on, or music playing from another source (such as the USB port), it's happening all the time.  I've tried switching the Traffic Announcements off, to see if it was periodically checking for an announcement, but the issue persists.
At first, I paid a blind eye to it, but spending over two hours in the car each day, commuting to and from work, it's now becoming an annoyance.
Having had a good look at various articles on the Internet, I can't find any other individuals reporting similar occurrences, like this.
As such, I'd be most grateful, if anybody can share any insight into what may be the root cause of this issue, and better-still, how to fix it.
Thanks in advance for your help with this.
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take it back to the dealer you purchased it from, it is there responsibility tor resolve this, as it sounds like a faulty stereo unit.


If any fault develops within the first six months of purchase, it is down to the dealer to prove the fault was not present when the vehicle was sold. As they wont be able to do that, it is their responsibility to resolve the error to a satisfactory resolution, failure to do so is a breach of the sale of goods act, and is in contravention of your consumer rights.

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I have the same issue but ive bought my car second hand. Its a 61 plate and was wanting to know if there is any fixes yet as jostler says it is very annoying after a day or two.

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