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Front left wheel rattle. Needs sorting ASAP help

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Hello. My front left wheel has a rattle/knock. It's not my anti roll bar link as I've changed that. I hear it when I'm going over bumps and lumps in the road. And sometimes when I turn. I have a video of the sound but I've not worked out how to get that on here yet. Any ideas? When When I had my MOT recently, there was a slight bit of oil dampness under the rubber sleeve of my shock. Could this be the cause?


All advice helpful! Thanks

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to be honest your looking at a few options, I ignore the point of oil, only because that stuff can be sprayed from everywhere :p

1) rattle in the brakes - jack the car up after removing the wheel and shake the caliper around, see if that makes any noise. Ensure all springs are loaded and under tension.

2) CV joint - roll the wheel / disk and shake it around, if its not firm check the CV joint for leaks and splits.

3) As above, if the CV joint is clean, then check the bushes at the suspension joints for splits, perish, or cracks.

4) if the above seems all clean, check for a break in the spring. Then lower the car and vigorously compress the car and the bushes, bouncing the car, if that mimics the noise then it likely be the issue. If you can get at the shock, check for damage, cuts / splits / oil leaks and dirt around it to determine more accurately.

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