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1.6 tdci clutch change


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morning all, just starting to think ahead to the next big expenditure and at a shade under 90k I'm thinking the clutch will probably need done in the next year or 2.

has any of you guys done a clutch change on this car?  we managed without any bother do to the timing belt etc and I know there will be some other tools needed but realistically, is it doable in a drive, assuming I can get the car up high enough to drop the box that is. I don't like the idea of paying out a colossal amount of cash for a job that, although might be really hard, can be done at home, or is this just one of the jobs that needs a lift and a whole bunch of other stuff



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I haven't done it on these, but have done it on several other cars on a driveway.  Shouldn't need any special tools other than a clutch aligning tool - some kits have a tool in the box depending on brand.

Gearboxes are pretty heavy and awkward to manoeuvre so some help would be useful but I've managed on my own even with 6 speed boxes.

I've been told there is really awkward bolt on the gearbox of the DV6 somewhere but cannot remember where now, I'm sure Ian will know!

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ah, cheers chaps, have you got  ready supply of these engines/boxes Ian? you seem to have a useful picture for every occasion! ;)

so its totally doable, just a pig of a job?


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Hi Guys, 

sorry to resurrect this. So I'm getting some slip under heavy load now at 118k so not all that surprised, its not all the time but its noticeable, especially if i drop the hammer to overtake on single carriageway roads.

So, been quoted just over 600 for the Clutch change and just under 900 for the Clutch and DMF, needless to say I'm not all that happy forking out ~500 on labour.

So I'm looking about for gear:

Clutch and pressure plate, DMF, CSC

Is there anything else needed? drive shaft seals maybe?

Next question, after searching around for  manufactures, seems like LUK and SACHS seems to be the best cheap bet but whats the deal with mixing manufactures? I can get a CSC and clutch for about £150 from LUK but ive found a SACHS DMF for £230 but ive read several posts from other folk saying not to mix and match.  whilst I'm sure its not ideal, i cant see why it wouldn't work but hopefully you guys can shed some light on it!?  just seems that the LUK DMF is a fair amount more and the SACHS clutch kit is

last question, does the DPF really need removed to get the box off? that's going to add a fair amount of time to get it done if it does :( 


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