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Running with MAF sensor unplugged

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Anyone have any experience in driving for an extended period with it unplugged?

General consensus on t'internets seems to be that it won't cause damage but your mpg will suffer a bit.

Car has been playing up again with another bout of EAC fails recently - which was fixed at the beginning of the year by fitting a new MAF sensor - however a similar thing is happening again whereby there's a lack of power as the turbo is not being told to kick in it seems.

The error it's moaning about is excessive flow through the EGR (P0402), but it's actually the MAF sensor that the engine uses to tell if/how much air is going through the EGR - and unplugging the MAF seems to fix this isuue and the car drives brilliantly. Also unplugging the MAF seems to deactivate the EGR system altogether - which might be hiding something - as from Forscan the EGRV duty cycle stays at 9.75% and doesn't change at all when driving.

I just don't have the time at the moment to spend investigating it further due to exams n stuff.

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