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help needed in which mk my focus is


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Hi all, im hoping someone may be able to help me. I own a 2009 focus zetec S. The other morning on way to work I hit a badger. I currently have a unprotected 7 years no claims bonus plus a £350 excess so hoping to get the car fixed without going through insurance. Im looking to source a front bumper for the car, signed upto about every breakers site possible and contacted aftermarket bumper sites, which claim they cannot help as it is a OEM product. have seen a few available on eBay, but haven't ordered due to knowing which mk the car is. hoping one of you nice guys out there maybe able to help.......




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that's a mk2.5 bumper, sometimes they refer to the facelift versions as a new version.

I cant say ive ever heard it called a mk4 but the mk2.5 is often called the mk3, confusingly the mk3 using the same logic is actually the mk4 and the 3.5 (mk3 facelift) would be the mk5

in any case, that picture is the bumper for your car.


mk4 would make sense if there was a mk1.5, meh, as I said though, it doesn't matter, that is the bumper for your car. the real Focus mk2 and Mk3 are completely different.


cept that one doesn't have the front lip on it, yours has (had) the lip, the replacement you have a picture for doesn't. doesn't make and difference, it will still fit, just look slightly different,



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the badger is still sat on the grass verge laughing at my pain..........

ordered the above bumper and all it needs are few scratches touched up. all parts needed have cost me less then £200 and guy fitting is a friend so doing it cheep. better then going through insurance or the £835 quote from a bodyshop.

many thanks to all that have helped as I am useless when it comes to mechanical things other then checking oil, water or changing a wheel

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