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Ford Fiesta 2005 reg Problem with heater wire location.

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Afternoon all, I am a new member here looking for help.

Firstly, I'd like to say my car knowledge is pratically zero.. I've always been an A to B man when it comes to cars (Hope this doesn't angry anyone) so I really appreciate your superior knowledge and hope you can help.


I have a Ford Fiesta 2005 reg I purchased with a "Broken" radio a week or so ago. After getting annoyed at driving with no music, I decided to try and fix it and some googling showed it was an easy job. I took off the panel by unscrewing it and unclipping it, removed the radio and what do you know it's simply unplugged. I plugged it back in and hey presto I had music.

Unfortunately, this has caused another issue. When I removed the panel around the radio, it also removed the panel below it, namely the panel that houses the heating control unit and knobs. Now when I took it off, the left knob (Which controls how much air is blowing out) unplugged safely and easily. The right knob that controls what vents are blowing did the same.. However, on the middle knob that decides what temperature the air is. It didn't disconnect. Instead the back of the knob came off with the unit.

So connected to that knob is a long wire that varies in length when turned with a small metal circle on the end (Which my guess hooks onto something to alter the air from hot or cold)

As you can probably see from my description I am not very car savvy but basically I can't for the life of me see where this small metal circle should go to effect the heating. I can't see anything that I could hook or connect it to.


So that's about it really. If you need any more detail I will do my best to provide it but I'm trying to work out where this metal hoop goes and what it connects to, to affect the heating.


If anyone can provide an answer it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Mikey

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