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Hi i wonder if anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong with my baby.

Aprox 6 months ago i had both wishbones replaced, now i am getting the same noise again when going over bumps at low speed. The noise seems to be comming from the front left hand side. Do you have any ideas of what it could be and how much it might cost.


Amanda :(

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i would have the drop links looked at as they go aswell

a garage will charge you a small fortune to do them

ask a fried to do them for you

a wishbone should cost you about £10.00 then 20 mins to replace it.

i have a spare one here if you want it as i just done 1 of mine but purchased 2 of them

email me where you are & i will do it for you if your in my area & charge you £10.00 for the part & fitting it

otherwise contact me on

on my email & i can post it to you

i am pretty sure it's this part as i just done both lower suspensin/wishbones.

ford will charge you about £40.00 for this part + fitting

to check if it's the drop link ask a friend to

hold the link/ it looks like a bar thet comes off the suspension & drops to the wheel about 6mm in diamitor

get him/her to shake it & you push down on the wing of the car & if she/him feels any movement from either side it's defo gone

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Could be a number of different things. As already mentiond droplinks are a favourite and can be checked easily with the help of a friend as delboy describes.

Another easy thing to check that quite often goes is the top strut mounts. Give each spring a good tug back and forth. Any movment would suggest this is the cause.

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