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P0156 fault code query


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Hi guys,


so ive very recently bought my 1.6 petrol focus 05 reg.


an engine management light came on and I've hooked it up to a obd2 reader that throws out fault code P0156. A quick lookup shows this to be a faulty sensor on bank 2 sensor 2. I'm led to believe this is the o2 sensor.

the thing I'm confused about is that surely being a 4 pot it only has one bank? Does anyone have an exhaust diagram of where this would be and a part number?


any help is massively appreciated 

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There are two O2 sensors in the system and if I remember right sensor two is the 'post-cat'. (Someone will correct me if I'm wrong)

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6 minutes ago, Scotty12347 said:

Yea I did think so but only one bank surely? 


So of the two which does it relate to? Post cat? I need to get a Haynes manual really

Give me 5 minutes and I'll photograph the Haynes page

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