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Scraped my Mk3 Black Focus :/

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Hi All,


Thought I'd swing by this forum after some fantastic advice and fix I got on a leaky rear vent and say hello :)


I love my Focus, it's my little pride and joy. The thing is in mint condition and I'll work hard to keep it like that (until recently...). I've gone and flippin scraped the side parking in a really s*** car park with no lights or adequate space. The damage isn't bad, but I was wondering what you guys would recommend? Don't want to just go to Halfords and buy the first thing I see. And I don't trust the employees as most of them I find are teenage idiots.


The main thing I'm worried about is allowing the metal body to rust! I'd like to do the repair myself but will happily take it somewhere if you think it needs a professional doing as I'd like to keep this car until it dies or keep the condition as pristine as possible to sell. I don't want some cheap knock-off stuff to just cover it up. I want something that will protect the body and make it look like it never happened.


I've attached pictures below of the damage. The colour is 'panther black' I think. It's a Mk3 2012 Zetec Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125 HP. The bumper is plastic and all the paint has come off there I think. But the next panel is metal.








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