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Hi recently took my S Max (2007) into a garage for service. The car was running fine without any issues.

I had the car serviced and a few points were picked up. Such as Brakes and Tyres which I agreed to.

The Garage carried out a fuel treatment which they recommended.

They had my car all day, when I called at the end of the I was informed it was running like a dog and they were working to find out what it was.

The garage still have the car (8 Days)and have now identified it is an issue with the Turbo and have suggested I replace it.

The car was running fine before the garage have had the car and there was no issue then. They have stated it is the air intake hose that has deminished.

Can anyone offer any advice on what I should do.

Please help ..... I know nothing about cars 


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If it's just a hose (and that's a big if) it shouldn't be too expensive to replace. You can't really break a hose by abusing a car so sounds like a coincidence to me. Given they've had it 8 days I'd be suspicious it's something more serious.

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Tell them that it was fine before you took it to the Garage and ask them exactly what (if anything) they have done to the car since they have had it,


In my experience cars dont often break themselfs...however I got unlucky a few weeks back when I took my car in for a service however ended up with my bonnet latch going (even though it was fine the day before!).

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