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2.0 tdci Powershift,thinking of remapping.


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Just wondered if any if you had any thoughts on any issues I may incur remapping my car with an auto box? It's only on 18,000 miles on a 60 plate. Would mapping it affect the auto box or torque converter?

Has anyone had one of these remapped before?

Any advice appreciated

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technically it shouldn't but it will add a tiny bit more stress to it how it effects it long term us anyone's guess as long as the autobox is serviced it should be fine

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The Ford Powershift transmission does not have a torque converter like a conventional automatic gearbox. The Powershift is a dual clutch gearbox which means it is basically 2 different gearboxes and clutches in 1 housing. The first clutch and gearbox operate the 1st, 3rth and 5th gear while the second clutch and gearbox operate the 2nd, 4th and 6th gear.

The Powershift tranmissions are developedand buil by Ford/Getrag (a joint venture). As far as I remember the 2.0 TDCI has the 6DCT450 gearbox. This transmisson number means the following:

6 = Number of gears.

DCT = Dual Clutch Transaxle.

450 = Maximum amount of torque the gearbox can handle. In this case the gearbox can handle 450 Nm.


This basically means that the engine can safely be remapped as long as the maximum torque stays below 450 Nm.

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On 30/04/2016 at 8:46 PM, sean.kerwin said:

I too have a TDCi 2.0 Powershift with 30k on it, I got mine remapped to 183bhp and it drives lovely

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Hi mate, just bought myself a galaxy 64 plate 2.0 tdci 140 powershift, what company did you use if I may ask? Thanks a lot.

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