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Steering wheel and Grinding sound

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on here but in need of some serious advice

I bought my second ford focus recently a Focus Zetec Climate 1.6 2005.

when I do between say 60mph and 80mph the steering wheel begins to vibrate/shake. and when day to day driving its almost as if there's grinding/ rubbing noise

on the passengers side front tyre, it sounds as if im running on the alloy where the wheel is really flat but I have put air in it.

Also when I go over bumps that specific will knocks loudly like the bolts are lose but ive also checked this.

I am by far no mechanic but really enjoy cars and can do the easier stuff but just give things ago. this specific tyre was really hard to put back onto the hub when taken off, so I swapped the two fronts but the other wheel was also having trouble getting onto the hub, could it be the hub is the wrong size and causing this?

I guess what im asking is does anyone know what may be causing this and if so how can I check it?

Thanks in advance!

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The stearing wheel shake 'could' be unbalanced wheels or a damaged alloy (are they the original genuine ford ones?)

The noise you get by going over bumps 'could' be down to the problematic wheel but again could be worn track rod ends/stearing gear. 

The grinding noise 'could' be metal to metal contact between your brake pads/disks but it all needs to be investigated in more depth by someone with more knowledge and experience.

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