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Hi all,

I was set to believe that the spoiler extensions below would fit all fiesta including mine which is a fiesta ecoboost 1.0, could some please answer this question and if these ones dont fit, where could i get ones the same that do fit?



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If you have the larger spoiler as found on ST and ZS models as well cars with dress up pack then they will fit.

from several reviews of people that have bought th maxton extensions I wouldn't bother, the fit and quality isn't very good, if you want extensions go for the mountune ones, they cost more but are better, Rumour has it that they won't be available new anymore shortly.

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Don't get the maxton design extensions as when they are fitted they cover any access to the third brake light. I'd wait until you can get some Mountune ones. But they would fit aslong as you have the Zetec S/ST rear spoiler which is a little bit extended compare to your standard Zetec and Titanium models.

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On ‎08‎/‎05‎/‎2016 at 11:20 PM, Will-MK7 said:

Don't get the maxton design extensions as when they are fitted they cover any access to the third brake light.

I got the Maxton ones, bought them from the stand at FordFair in 2015.

It's true they are a bit rough around the edges and they do indeed cover access to the spoiler brake light. One was a bit skewiff so I took It back to Maxton which fortunately for me are just in Bradford and they shoved it on my spoiler and managed to scuff my actual car spoiler! They were a bit reluctant to help to be fair so I took them away annoyed and set out to make the buggers fit. I filed them down to get a better and less rough fit and used white tigerseal to fit them.

 I fit them then, to hide the scuffing and I fit them with white tigerseal so it looked like there was no gap between extension and spoiler (one of the parts where it extends into the spoiler was sitting about 2mill off it).

At the end of the day I'm glad I got them to fit but when it comes to this again I will really consider paying that bit extra for the better quality, I shouldn't have had to make them fit myself. And if it ever comes to taking them off, im probably going to have to get my original spoiler sanded and re-sprayed :wacko:


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