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Fiesta ZS Performance

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Hey all, not posted here in a while now, hope everyone is doing good.


I purchased a zetec S mk7 last year now and I was thinking it was about time I got a little more power out of it.

the modifications that I have done performance wise is only:

montune induction kit

custom exhaust system


As you can see it isn't very much. I will admit I've managed to get a little bit more power out of it but not as much as I'd like.

my questions to everyone reading are, is the bluefin remap worth the price and how much would I get out of it? Any other modifications for speed? Any good remaps? Anything I can do to get a bit more out of it?

any advice would be great. At the moment the car is my road car and I would like to keep it that way but by next year it will probably be my track car(if it's fast enough😜)hence the upgrades. 



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With my 2014 zetec S Ecoboost

I've fitted

stage 2 AS induction kit

To fit;

Stage 2 airtec intercooler

Stainless custom exhaust with sports cat

Then it's going to Revo for a Stage 2 map costing £399.

180bhp :)

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The only problem with mine is it doesn't have a turbo, there are very limited things to do with it, was thinking going for the montune 155 map but then I'd lose my custom cat back exhaust system😞 Sound like a nippy little car though 

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