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Sluggish performance new focus


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I have recently bought from Trust Ford a focus estate 1.6 titanium its reg may 2015 and has 1600 miles but think the performance is a little sluggish.

The acceleration seems a bit slow and u have have to press quite hard to get it to pull away almost like its pulling away in 2nd gear.

Is this normal or should just take back to Ford for them to look at?



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Its the ecoboost

I did test drive it but was only around the block and couldn't get a real feel for it.


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ti vct or ecoboost they are the same thing the ecoboost is a ti vct a newer version but same technology neither should be gutless if driven properly they like high revs doesn't help fuel economy but you cant have it all

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On the Focus MK3 the 1.6 TI-VCT can not be compared with the TI-VCT of the old Focus MK2. The Focus MK3 is a lot heavier which makes the engine perform a lot worse. On the Focus MK3 the 1.6 TI-VCT feels really sluggish. Especially the 85 and 105 HP version are really slow. The 125 HP version is a bit better but compared to the 125 HP version of the 1.0 ECOboost the TI-VCT still feels really slow. I drove several cars with both engine types so I know what I am talking about.

The 1.6 ECOboost may be based on the old Sigma engine with TI-VCT technology but considered all modifications it is a completely different engine. Very few parts are the same. The 1.6 ECOboost is a really nice engine. However my experience is that the 150 HP version of the 1.6 ECOboost does not feel much quicker than the 125 HP version of the 1.0 ECOboost. The 182 HP version is a lot better. After I reprogrammed my parents 1.6 ECOboost from 150 HP to 182 HP using the latest original software it became a completely different car. The engine runs much better now and the fuel economy improved a bit.



Remapping the 1.6 ECOboost is a bit tricky. A lot of (especially remapped) 1.6 ECOboost need to be replaced after some time as a result of engine damage. Some people already have their third engine. Very few specialist really know the 1.6 ECOboost and can remap it properly. Personally I would get it remapped by a real specialist like for example Superchips or mountune instead of a small local company.

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i ve driven all the versions that jw1982 mentions and agree with his comments. i was dissapointed with the 1.6 ecoboost, no quicker than my 1.0 ecoboost with bluefin.

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  • 3 months later...

Sorry for the long delay getting back and thank you all for the replies.


Would this be covered under the warranty or have i left it too late as i bought the car just 4 months ago?


The car was bought from Ford but was just 6 months old it had 1000(ish) miles on the clock and now its at 3000.


Would they at least look at this for me to see if its performing as it should?

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Booked into Ford today and just picked it back up!

I was told its the clutch plate or clutch kit needs replacing(mine is automatic btw but guess the mechanics of it still needs clutch?)

However they couldn't do it today as its still under warranty and the parts needs to be ordered from the manufacturer even though this was a Ford outlet and they had them in stock but said they couldn't fit there ones cos being under warranty involves different paperwork and forms to be filed apparently.

The guy i saw was just the guy on the phone and didnt really know what the part was or does so im really non the wiser as to what it is but i am pleased they found something and wasnt just in my head it was sluggish.

They will phone once the part is in and arrange for me my car to hopefully be picked up then dropped back to me.


Can anyone enlighten me please as to what this is and how the warranty process works that stops them form using the parts they have in stock?



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Ok since i last had this changed(twice now) as apparently the second one was a newer updated version!

Since it has been changed 4 months(ish) ago the sluggishness is a bit hit n miss but ive got along with it,

However in the last month twice now i have had what feels like the gears slipped out of place like, i can only describe it like when you drive a manual car and dont press the clutch fully and you hear the grinding noise until it hits the gear properly, the engine just revved for a few seconds before it went back into gear.

Was quite scary tbh travelling approx 30MPh in traffic when you lose momentum thinking all power had gone.

Luckily it lasted a 1-2 seconds before hitting the correct gear.

Can this still be the clutch plate issue or something else.

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