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2009 fiesta 1.6 titanium starter issue


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Hi guys, first post  in a while looking for advice.

Basically out of nowhere my fiesta has started having starting problems. Basically I got in my car about 3 weeks ago and it really spluttered all the dials flashed and it probably took about 5 seconds to turn over. It was fine again for a week then last week I called at the shop near my house on my way home from work got back in and it would turn. I tried for a couple of minutes but nothing, it started to sound like the starter was runnt out of juice,  called my road side assistance and walked home, by the time they got out and tried it turned straight away. The guy said the starter probably just got "stuck" and that it would be fine. Since then I've had a couple of times where itx seemed like it's struggling but turns over, I've noticed that when it happens, the display flickers, then changes to milage mode, the radio goes off and the clima control goes onto auto and turns the aircon on. 

I'm due a service and mot next month so just looking for some advice really. Does about 10k a year full service history at a ford dealer.

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Yes, and test it on load, because it might have gone high resistance. Probably the easiest is to get the garage to that for you (you'd expect them to have one of those load testers specifically for that purpose...but the consequence of that might be that you feel under pressure to buy an overpriced battery from them), but you may be looking to do everything yourself.

Out of interest, how old is the battery? As old as the car?

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battery is as old as the car, and I've tested leaving lights, aircon and radio on before a start and it seemed fine, ivd been filming all my starts over the passed 2 days, this is the worst, most still start normally or have a few seconds of stuttering


Not for a voltage tester and my one mechanic mate has selfishly gone on his honeymoon!

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depending on the age of the car, yes.


Ultimately, if you are seeing anything under 11.4 volts when the car is still, its dead, and is time to be burried. If you are averaging between 11.4 and 12.2, then its in need of a decent charge, and monitoring. If its over 12.2 its spot on.


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