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Mondeo mk3 lost keys


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Hi All My keys for my mondeo mk3 were stolen from work . To cut a long story short bought passenger window and smashed my way in and dismantled the steering wheel cowling .

What I need to know is if I buy a transponder and barrel and ignition key of ebay is a simple case of fitting the new one from ebay  and away I go ? Or will I have to have it all reprogrammed?

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Firstly, (if not alrady) I would report the key theft to your local Police (if only to get a crime reference numer for insurance purposes) and manually immobilise your car using a steering/pedal/wheel lock in case the key thief comes looking for your car, chances are that if the keys went missing at work, the thief knows you and where you park.

Secondly, The immobiliser system is comprised of the sensor around the barrel, instrument cluster and ECU so changing the barrel will do nothing other than match the new key blade.

You need the new transponder programmed using Ford IDS software and a programming module (or Forscan using a modified ELM cable and an extended licence to allow PATS coding).

TBH I strongly recommend you contact a good Auto Locksmith who can supply, cut and code keys to your car.

Do you have car key cover on home, travel or car insurance?

I know that if you do then you will incur an excess payment but this will be far cheaper than paying for it all out of your own pocket.

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