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Backlight and parking light not working


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Just bought myself a used Ford c-max from 2009 1.6 tdci a few weeks ago and the backlight and parkinglight are not work. The breaklight, foglight, signallight and normal light are working though. 

I checked the fuse and none of Them are broke or missing. I took out the backlight out of the car to check if the wiring wasnt unplugged or missing but they are both in and plugged.

anyone got some suggesting for what it might be?

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We are having the same issue with our 2008 ford c-max.... The side lights and break lights stopped working... We found that fuse 103 had blown so changed it and it kept blowing the new ones when we switched on side lights... But this time we have changed it and not attempted to put on side lights and the break lights are working fine... But as soon as sidelights are needed the fuse will blow again... We are not sure how to find the fault but its something to do with the side lights rather than the break lights

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