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Impatient Golf driver


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Captured this yesterday afternoon. 


I could see for a little while that the Golf was desperate to get past the van behind me (sticking to the speed limits). Just leaving Cropthorne, where the road goes from 40 to 60, he decided to pass the van (about 2 car lengths behind me), me and the Jazz in font all in one move... 



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If the road is NSL and the conditions appear good why is the Jazz doing 40?  Oblivious old person presumably? :rolleyes:  The first Jazz overtake looked pretty close as well tbf...but tbh I wouldn't have sat behind them either, I would've found a better place to overtake though!

What's most interesting in that whole video is all the people waiting at give lines...no-one cut you or the Jazz up...  Must be different rules here for give way lines. :laugh: 

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The white Focus could have easily pulled out in front of me, but was probably hesitant due to the fact that most people do 60 through Cropthorne ignoring the 40 limit on that road. 

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