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2007 Mondeo TDCI Fueling issue and smokey....?


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Hi, I have a 2007 pre facelift mondeo - 2litre TDCi. just hit 100k miles but since i bought it 2 years ago it has always been a little on the smokey side, I've been told this could be an over enrichment issue. The economy is also poor, 32-35 mpg around town, 45mpg on a 60mph motorway run - my old Peugeot 306 would hit 55+ on a 60mph motorway run.

More recently I have discovered a Turbo leak which will be fixed but it is even more smokey than usual and the fuel appears to be pulsing.

When running on cruise control or just with the throttle in a static position and holding a steady speed there is a significant and noticeable pulsing of the throttle.

Does anybody have any previous experience of this pulsing and a possible cause?

Is the smoking related to the turbo?

is the poor economy also turbo linked??

Assistance please..... thanks

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Start off by checking your EGR valve, it could well be coked up, in which case, blank it off. Also check the turbo pipes and hoses for any splits, when you put your foot down, do you hear any whistles or other noises?

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