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2013 fiesta roars when moving in first gear


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Is the new model 1.25 with 13000 miles.  Just got this week and noticed its very loud in first gear, like its roaring, happens when i lightly touch the accelerator to move off, either reversing or going forward.


is this normal.


revs seem to shoot up quickly in first


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Is it normal for engine to roar when accelerating in first or reverse?

quiets down when move up in gears, 2nd and 3rd etc.


us this normal or an exhaust problem

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Hi Nbaxter01,

My 2014 fiesta also does the same, I thought it was exhaust or gear problem. when I got to the Ford Services they also thought it was gear problem then they attempts to upgrade the gear mechanism since Fiesta has the 3 mode something gear system which I don't really understand. After my car got out of Ford then I drive a few miles later it feels great but then I felt it roars again, that time I knew that it wasnt the gear.

So I asked my older brother because he knows like everything car related, the owner of bisaboy cars. He said that the production of fiesta was a little bit off that lots of fiesta in the same production does the same thing. By the way I'm living in South East Asia, and lots of fiesta in my country does the same thing.

Then my 3rd attempt to actually know what is going on. I let my car parked for 12 hours more or less, then I drive it with usual speed which turned out it roars like trying to make a move. then I left my car again for another 12 hours until its engines are cold, then I drive it with high speed as if I'm late to a job interview with Steve Jobs, then I found the car response to my fast acceleration pretty awesome, at some points I cant even brake because the gears are still in the 3rd or 2nd.

I'm sorry if this isnt helpful, I thought maybe I'd just share. Hope it answer your question and get well soon for your fiesta :)

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Thanks for the reply

hard to find any info on it and every vid on youtube of the mk7 or mk7.5 seem to be off cars with exhaust upgrades.

just never had a car with a small engine that when you rev in neutral or move off in first gear, the exhaust sounds like a racecar.

thought there would be  a lot of 1.25 owners here, who could just confirm if this is normal or not.


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video taken from just below exhaust while car idling, this normal volume for 1.25? (might sound too loud due to phone recording close to exhaust)


vid taken with car in neutral, reving the car.  bit louder than what the phone was able to pick up.  really should have someone reving it for me and record sound from behind, sounds louder than the recording



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Thought someone would have replied by now.


sounds like a sports exhaused when hitting the gas, especially when moving of quickly in first gear, and when having to give the car a little gas when reversing. 


Anyone else experience this or know if its normal

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