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Dash Cam Footage, Bad Driving.


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Had a look around the forum and know quite a few of us have dash cams fitted, to begin with i realised my camera picked up quite a lot of bad driving while out in my car, this includes me sometimes.
but it also picks up quite a bit of law breaking too, red lights, dangerous overtakes, rubbish parking, and all sorts of other goodies, so i started to download this kind of stuff to my computer just for something to do and then opened a yout tube account, now i shove my stuff on my channel which got me thinking.

I have not seen a thread on the forums to post all this type of dash cam footage, i have seen individual examples in other threads but no one dedicated to this type of footage.

So,,, post your examples of what your dash cam has picked up here.
I use a free editing program called freemake video converter to shorten and edit my stuff, some of you may have your own favourites but this is easy quick and free if you don't.


So here is an example of one i did yesterday, in Hull drivers have a very bad habit of ignoring red lights, i get at least 2-3 each journey, lots more on longer drives.


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