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MK6 - 1.6 Zetec s won't start (possibly immobiliser)

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Hi guys,


Sorry if this is in the wrong place!


yesterday I removed a few fuses to find the one that had blown (cigarette lighter) and replaced rear break light. Since then the car won't start, 


Power is fine - cabin lights and external s are ok

car locks and unlocks


When I insert the key nothing happens (can't even roll he windows down when the key is in position 1). Normally I would get the mpg and a noise from the ?fule pump? I don't get anything.


Tried additional power pack in case

Pressed the big yellow reset button behind the glove box

reset the fuses I touched yesterday...


im a bit stuck?

do I need to re-register the key or something? 


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Nothing to do with the key as if it was the immobilisor the light would come on on the dashboard.

You've possibly disturbed or removed a fuse that was necessary and not replaced it/moved it back

The "big yellow reset button" is Your automatic fuel cut off in case you have an accident and roll the car or have a bad smash

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dont think you need a new pack of fuses I think ginger flame means if you remove the glove box behind there to the left is a yellow switch. You cant miss it. You just have to press it so the button is released and it will now allow fuel to travel through the car again allowing the car to start? 



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15 hours ago, Ryanstanley4 said:

Any my ideas on what fuse it could be? 

If your car is the 2008 onwards version, then F13 in the passenger JB (fuse box) controls all ignition related circuits, as does relay R1.

Also fuse F7 in the engine bay fuse box is for the ignition related circuits.

I expect earlier car should be similar, If you do not have the manual, see: http://m.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/Owners-Manual

Immobiliser should not affect things like windows, only the starter & engine. Also the LED should flash rapidly if active.

Please post any results/feedback here, to help others, or for more advice.


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