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Steering wheel shake

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Hi Everyone,

I really hope someone can help me regain my sanity! ~3 months ago, I took my 2L 2006 Focus to a garage with a violent (almost uncontrollable) shudder, they said it was fine after a nice investigation bill! Took it somewhere else 2 weeks later to find I had a seizing caliper (F O/S) which they replaced. A mild shake persisted after at 60-75 mph. This garage said deal with it, probably the dual mass flywheel 😒 . I then took it to garage no. 3 and the brake disc was bent (turned out garage 2 didn't replace it when they found the seized caliper). The shake is now constant between 60-75, visible when you take the hands off the wheel and no shudder through the seat or gear stick. Had new tyres on front (Bridgestone's) just before seizing caliper and tracking was WAY out so this was corrected. No play in suspension (new F O/S swing arm) and no play in hub. Drive shaft has no sign of rust or play. Tracking rods checked. This is the second garage who's told me to live with it. Not happy!

Could someone give me their thoughts as I cannot afford to continuously replace parts until something works!

Many thanks,


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You say the track rods have been checked, but has the alignment been adjusted?

It sounds very much like alignment, so it might be worth having the tracking totally re-set (not just inspected for fit security). Also, have the camber and toe settings checked, Normally, these are fixed and can't be adjusted, however if something isn't right with these, then it will be noticeable.

Consider getting the wheels balanced - if the weight isn't set evenly over the whole wheel, this can cause issues with the steering.

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Thanks for the ideas! I've had the wheels balanced and from what I was told by garage no. 3 is that the tracking was 'redone' whatever that means and the camber/toe is 'as expected' again not sure what they mean by that.

I took it to a Ford garage, even they don't know what's wrong with it! Have given up now and will just have to do as they say and 'wait until it gets worse'. Its such a shame as its lovely to drive otherwise but can't say I'd be getting another 😩


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Hi there

cv shafts could be bent

tread on tyres could be uneven from previous tracking out.

bent wheels

goosed suspension 

does the steering vibrate whilst you braking?

if so this is new front pads n discs

hope you get it sorted

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