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fiesta, how do you know if has a chain or belt?


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I'm looking at a fiesta on a 01 plate, person said thinks is a timing chain rather than belt but isn't sure, it's done 53k so if it is a belt, it's well overdue for one on age, I've had one snap so am a little wary of cambelts now!

How do you see if it's a belt or chain, am going to view it, love the car, low miles, right type of fiesta been looking for as I love the older shapes but usually have rocket miles on but I don't want a belt snap on way home lol!



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01, that's 15 years old. You are right to be wary, I had one quit on an XR2, f****** expensive. If it runs, buy it, drive back slowly/carefully and get it changed ASAP. I bought a 15 yo campervan with original belt, I was cr**ping myself 'till I had it changed.



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