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Fiesta 1.0 Black Edition - Rattle when cold


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Hi All,

I am new to the forum and unfortunately am having to ask for advice on something I have noticed with my car.


Recently (could have always been there), I have started noticing a strange rattling sound when cold, but it only makes a sound when revving between 1500 and 2000RPM

It also goes away after 5 minutes, or when the first block appears on the engine temp gauge.

Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this?

I can't work out where the rattling is coming from either, but I'm pretty sure it's not the exhaust, it seems to come from the engine block.


Also, I randomly noticed that occasionally when I turn the car off after a long drive, the coolant starts boiling (although was told by two garages that this is where the coolant is going back into the reservoir from the turbo).

Currently my car is in ford having the gearbox ripped apart due to issues downshifting to first or second gear (it's only a 64 plate with 18k miles)


I don't have much knowledge about cars so would appreciate some understanding if something here doesn't make sense.



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There is an electric pump which keeps the coolant flowing after you turn off the engine, if temps are too high, perhaps that is what you are seeing?

As for the rattle, bit difficult to tell from your description, but these ecoboost engines rattle as a matter of course. High pressure injectors are the main culprit on the 1.0.

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All quite normal. As Alex said, the injectors are very noisy on the 1.0 so they all do it.

The boiling coolent is also a normal thing on the 1.0


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Thanks a lot guys, put my mind at ease a bit :).


Had a few issues with it since I bought it, so am starting to become somewhat paranoid.


Cheers :)

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