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sat nav sd card


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Hi I recently bought a 2013 Ford Focus and it's missing the SD card for the sat nav I bought one of eBay and it doesn't work and on futher investigation I realised that there are different SD cards for different sat navs if someone could please tell me which SD card I need it would be much appreciated thanks in advance

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oh dear , wrong one , you need a "v" card, we on v6 now, ford do a tom tom reduced price sd card, around £70 i think. or try eBay but would recomend v5 as minimum

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I recently bought a 2015 Focus which came with a F4 sat nav SD card in.

There were lots of postcodes missing so I have bought a V6 card from eBay. This card isn't recognised in my vehicle however.

Does it sound like I have bought the wrong card?



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Hi, I bought a 2015 ford focus titanium, and there is also no sd card in it.

  • The Sistem information sais CCPU S/W version: 4.32.1473_PRODUCT
  • Navigation application version: 3.62.5
  • Map database version: F4

So can someone tell me, what kind of sd card will I need?

Thanks for the answers

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